Battlesbridge is an antiques market not too far from me in deepest Essex. It's spread over several areas with antique stalls built into little huts, each one with something a bit different to offer. Some of these you have to sort through the chintz (not that I'm against some chintz, but I'm talking patterned plates and victorian dolls), but there are some real gems in there. 

My personal favourite stall was Bygone Days - full of curio and Victoriana, but not going into Steampunk territory.


I picked out a few pieces to show you, that caught my eye. Firstly, I saw a Victorian barber's chair as soon as I walked in - which gave off some serious Sweeney Todd vibes. My husband Ricky was trawling for signs for the bar, but wasn't overly enamoured with my choice of a religious cross-stitch which he described as 'creepy'. There was also a 1900s Bush radio which was in working order which looked incredible.


We did, however, agree on a handpainted saw(pic below) - and a couple of painted mirrors. Filling the walls of a bar is a gradual process, so I'm definitely intending on making a few more trips up to Battlesbridge for the cause.


Cassie DurnellComment