Ikea is a wonderful place - I visited this week and was introduced for the first time to Bargain Corner(!) by my friend Sophie. It's wonderfully cheap, stays up on trends, and has some really cool designs- especially if you're into Scandi or Mid-Century modern furniture.

Some pieces are instantly recognisable, and can even be nostalgic. When furnishing our first home, Ikea was invaluable, we could fill the space with Billy bookcases, and Kallax shelves.  We even had the typical experience of assembling our wardrobes on the floor, then realising the wouldn't fit when we got them upright, and the whole thing needed to be taken apart and reassembled standing up (which we did with raging hangovers the next morning after drowning our sorrows with three bottles of wine). 


My parents bought us this Ikea MALM six drawer chest as a moving in present- it perfectly fit the space and gave us plenty of storage in a room that was otherwise mostly unfurnished. I decided to update it with the gold hardware after seeing it on pages such as this one from HomeyOhMy - Pinterest is great for this, you only have to search "IKEA MALM HACKS" to find loads of inspiration from contact paper updates, and also this one from Preciously Me , using gold tape which I am dying to try!



  • Corner fixings or supports - I couldn't find these in a nice brass so I also needed...
  • Bright gold spray paint. By preference I chose bright gold, as his fits with the other metal hardware in the room, but you may prefer to use 'old gold' or even copper if you like. 
  • Short screws - try to get brass so they match, as it's very fiddly to spray these
  • Drawer pulls/handles. I haven't attached these yet, as I decided like it without!
  • Drill- and if you're not sure how to use one, someone willing who does.


Spray that hardware. Do this in a ventilated area, and protect your manicure with gloves, and wear a mask if available. Cover all angles, and a few light coats works better. 

Also, check the weather. It started drizzling after my first coat, and this left a speckled finish on everything, which I'll just have to live with.



Drill holes. Mark all the holes through the corner fixings and drill them only to the length of your short screws. 

I didn't do this myself, instead I left it to my husband, Ricky, and Badger- who cannot be left out of anything but clearly wasn't helpful. 



Use a screwdriver to drive the screws into the holes, holding the fixings in place. That should be it - if you decide to go for handles too, you will need to drill holes right through the middle of each drawer and screw the bolt into the handles from behind. Let me know if you try this hack, as I'd love to see the finished products!

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