I've had a few projects in the pipeline for a while now, and after a productive couple of weeks of getting these things moving, I thought I'd share how I've done it.

If this productive phases continues, hopefully It won't be too long before I can share with you the finished rooms!

It's very tempting when you're feeling inspired to dive in head first to a project - but remember, it's marathon, not a sprint!


The main thing to start with is a very clear vision for what you want and keeping it in mind the whole way through.

If you're not really sure of this, or are at the stage where it's just a few ideas floating around, there are ways to set it all straight in your mind.

The best one is to start a moodboard. Lots of people will skip this step, thinking they don't need it- but whether you use Pinterest, or physically rip pages out of magazines and catalogues and stick them on a board or in a folder, it is essential when making decisions along the way, as you can be sure it still fits with your original "vision" rather than being swayed by trends or paint with a certain deal on.


Especially if you're ordering online, but also when you're buying in store - you want to make sure certain colours, patterns and textures work next to each other. And it's definitely preferable to carry around a little strip of fabric, rather than a new sofa, to several different shops. 

Making sure the colours are in the right family is so important. You may want to go tonal, but find out your grey paint has a green tone, and your grey sofa has a slightly purple one, and putting them next to each other will only highlight this. And sample paint pots will confirm this when you get to that stage- don't trust the colour chart! Get some paint on your wall to see how it works with the light, then paint a square onto some paper to carry with you(once it dries of course). 



Take your before pictures now, as you want to show off the transformation at the end! More importantly, you want a realistic idea of what you have to work with - where the windows and doors are situated, how much wall space you have, what the central focus point will be, and what furniture will fit in the space. 

If you are doing a full renovation such as a bathroom, kitchen or conservatory, attempting a technical drawing will give your builders a good idea of your expectations, and they can in turn let you know what's really possible, so you can manage these if necessary. There are plenty of websites that will let you have a bash at this online for free(see mine above).

This also helps with keeping a record of your measurements if you have furniture to order . Stick this in your moodboard/folder once you're finished, along with your chosen fabric and paint samples, to help keep that vision clear! 

Now you've got the plan going, please send me photos of your finished projects when they're complete - I love seeing them, and in turn I can share them to inspire more people! All aboard the inspiration-train!! 

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