It's nice to be able to post about finishing a room for the first time in a while! I've found when I was pregnant that my productivity is at an all time high (which might have something to do with an impending deadline in nine months time- or perhaps lack of hangovers), so like buses, after a long time I am currently finishing up a few projects at once. 

Sometimes projects need a little longer to evolve, and also with the last couple of rooms you decorate in your house, there's a  need to make sure the house flows and the decor is cohesive for each room(although it doesn't have to be matchy, I do believe every room in your home should remain true to your personal style and taste.)


The master bedroom should be treated as the most important room in the house, as this is the space you want to be your sanctuary. Some people may be able to relax with heavily patterned wallpaper and loud colours surrounding them, but I wanted this to be a slightly more muted version of the other rooms. 

Unlike the ground floor rooms, the three bedrooms in our house are fairly small. I used this as an excuse to turn the third bedroom into a dressing room- keeping all our wardrobes and mirrors etc. outside of the bedroom gave us the freedom to keep the space as clear as possible, so the only furniture is the bed, from Made.com, and the brass side table also from Made - which acts as a space saving bedside table. 


As I previously mentioned, sometimes certain projects need time to evolve, and with the bedroom I originally planned for it to be tonal grey with touches of brass- a fairly muted colour palette. However, to give it a designed feel, and make it more our personal taste, I felt it needed pops of bright colour to finish it off.

Therefore the neon sign was added- I found the sign on eBay, and shortly after receiving it through the post, my husband broke it while unwrapping it- devastated, I sent an message to the seller to explain what happened and they immediately sent me a replacement free of charge! What cuties. 


I finished off with a little side-table styling, featuring this incredible designer-looking brass and marble lamp with a touch-dimmer (a steal from Argos, seriously I won't even tell you how much it cost), a pretty potted succulent (fake - of course, giving my lack of houseplant keeping skills..... ), and Hurrah for Gin's book, which I will get round to reading, but for now the red spine just looked nice. 

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