We're all going to make mistakes along the way when taking on a large project such as redecorating- but I want to help you to make some of the less expensive ones! Following these few key rules will hopefully help you make better decisions along the way.



When looking for inspiration, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you like what everyone else likes, but it’s very important to resist the urge to go with the latest trend if you want your decor to stand the test of time.

Unless you’re one of those people that likes redecorating each room every six months, and spending all your free time on Buy, Sell and Swap pages getting rid fall your nearly new furniture-I don’t know. Staying up with trends in fashion is easier due to fast fashion and cheap labour, but painting a room Stiffkey Blue because you’re seeing it everywhere can be a costly mistake.

Instead, try to stay true to your personal taste - consider whether investing in this piece of furniture, print or colour will look like ‘you’ to friends who visit your home. 



It may seem obvious, but when you get excited when you fall in love with something you see on sale, or going second hand for a tempting price it’s a trap we all fall into!

Even with small pieces - pretty much every interiors shoot I’ve been on, a colossal accessory, like a vase, has turned up where a much smaller one was expected.

Furniture that doesn’t fit well can make a room look smaller, and ill-designed - interior design is one are where proportion is crucial. Most websites have dimensions listed for everything, and pop a message to that second hand seller before you enter a bidding war.



One of my favourite expressions- especially because it contains the word ‘pudding’. Also happens to be something we’re all guilty of sometimes. The late, great Coco Chanel advised always assembling an outfit and taking one thing away- and the same theory can help with your styling. 

I’m not suggesting entering the minimal world, but sticking to hard to your theme can be overkill- and don’t believe the myth that your can’t mix your styles, or clash prints. You can do both, you just have to do it the right amount, and make sure you stay proportional and relevant to your aesthetic.

Cassie DurnellComment