Marmoreal by Max-Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

Marmoreal by Max-Lamb for Dzek Salone Installation

You may have heard the name bandied about recently, as it's going to be a bit of a thing for 2018, but if you're not sitting with your finger on the pulse of design trends you may not have yet encountered terrazzo. 

It might sound like a restaurant, or a pair of trousers (that, however, would be palazzo), however terrazzo is a composite material, basically chips of glass, marble or granite floating in cement.

Until recently, the only places you would see terrazzo is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or perhaps the floor of an old museum that badly needs an update and couldn't afford marble the first time around. 

It has been made popular again recently by British designer Max Lamb, who has used enormous tiles of beautiful multi-coloured terrazzo to create entire rooms, and furniture. While it is available in tiles and tables alike, you may not want the commitment of these, so I've listed a few examples of small ways to add terrazzo into your decor. 


Tom Dixon's terrazzo candles can be bought as part of a set of five in his Materialism collection - or individually, costing £65 for the small version, or £125 if you'd like to splash out on the larger. 


BHS have combined a new trend with one that's been around for a while. Their new Razzo drop cap pendant light gives Edison bulbs a fresh spin. At £35, you'd better be quick - otherwise they have some terrazzo table lamps if you prefer.


House by John Lewis has a few additions for the bathroom - in the shape of a soap dispenser(£10), toothbrush holder(£9) and soap dish(£9). A finer, blue toned take on the finish, for a more subtle nod to terrazzo. 

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