Perhaps the most dramatic Before and After I will show you on this site, as it involves adding a whole new room onto our house.

Like most blokes, my husband had always pictured his dream house having a 'Games Room', which comprises of exactly one game - and a whole load of alcohol. 

Given that our recently purchased house had an ample amount of room on the ground floor and parking on the drive, we could afford to convert the garage into a bar-slash-games-room.

When I say we, I mean that we got a professional in to insulate the walls and ceiling. And of course build our amazing bar - which was made with a pavement light, an idea which we stole from a bar called Sager+Wild on Bethnal Green Road.

Originally we had our table tennis table set up in there, but eventually Ricky realised his dream of having a pool table, and we've trawled antique shops and eBay for the finishing touches.